1. The VICTORIAS  WATER DISTRICT (VWD) was formed on September 12, 1978 by virtue of Municipal Resolution No. 265 – s. 1978 converting the Victorias Waterworks into the Victorias Water District pursuant to P.D. No. 198.
  2. The first general manager appointed was Mr. Eduardo Seballos who served from January 1, 1978 to June 1987.
  3. The VWD started with 365 connections and by June, 1979 it increased to 1, 000.
  4. The original water supply system of Victorias was constructed in 1935 with a 275 feet deep well and an elevated concrete reservoir.
  5. Two more deep wells (still existing) were drilled in 1967 (Damas dela Caridad) and in 1976 (near the concrete reservoir).
  6. The first major improvement undertaken by VWD was in 1981 through a P 3.5 million loan from LWUA which extended the services of the Barangay Daan Banwa and part of Salvacion Subdivision along the national highway.
  7. Due to the failure to pay its obligations, the VWD was taken – over by LWUA in July, 1987 and LWUA appointed Interim General Manager was installed.
  8. Engr. Paulino M. Cruz was appointed as the general manager effective March 1, 1989.
  9. The construction of the present Administration Building at Quirino Street commenced on October 16, 1989 and was partially completed and blessed by Christmas time of the same year,
  10. The VWD requested LWUA to restructure the outstanding arrearages of P 886, 000.00.
  11. A third deep well source was drilled in October, 1991 at Hda. Editha.
  12. By February, 1992 he VWD’s billing and collection was computerized.
  13. In June, 1992 Director Lope A. Orocio tendered his courtesy resignation to the new municipal mayor, Severo A. Palanca. He was replaced by Mr. Jose Ma. Valentin S. Garcia.
  14. On October 22, 1993 a brand new Pumping Station No. 3 was put in operation providing the customers an additional 2, 000 cu. m. per day of water with sufficient pressure. The VWD’s first submersible pump was installed in this station.
  15. Two new comers to the Board of Directors were appointed by December, 1992, Mrs. Lilia H. Espera and        Engr. Conrado C. Pabillo.
  16. A total of 380 L.M. of PVC pipes were laid at Gloriville Subdivision during the year 1992.
  17. Another newcomer to the Board was appointed in the person of Mr. Dominador A. Bingco effective January 1995.
  18. It was a complete turn – around by May, 1995 when for the first time the total retained earnings became positive.
  19. In November, 1995 the VWD had its first One Million in cash resources.
  20. In December, 1996, the residents at Sitio Boulevard, Cubay and Villa Miranda areas first tasted “sweet and nutritious” water from Victorias Water District.
  21. The system turned – over to the VWD by the Municipality of Victorias in 1978 was fully paid in 1997 thru the payment of the in – lieu share.
  22. In May, 1999, another brand new pumping station was operational at Hda. Los Angeles.
  23. By the end of 1999, the total number of active connection has reached 3, 032.
  24. The Victorias Water District was nominated in the national level being the Best Water District in the Average Category in Western Visayas.
  25. On September 12, 2003, the VWD District celebrated its Silver anniversary.
  26. Through a financial assistance from the City Government a line extension to Kadalag-an Village was started in 2004.
  27. A brand new generating set for pumping station #2 was purchased in August 2005.
  28. By the end of 2006, the total number of active connections has reached 4, 000.
  29. The Victorias Water District was categorized as Medium Water District.
  30. On March 19, 2007, the Kadalag-an Pumping Station was commissioned and interlinked to the main water system.
  31. The Victorias  Water District received a “Top Water District Performer Award” during the PAWD National Convention in Cagayan de Oro City last February 7, 2008.  In August of the same year, Victorias Water District was converted to Victorias City Water District by virtue of Board Resolution No. 25-s 2008.
  32. A new deep well was drilled and a new Pumping Station No. 1 was commissioned in May, 2009.
  33. For the benefit of the consuming public, the Victorias City Water District rejected the Non – LWUA Initiated Fund (NLIF) being offered by LWUA. The VCWD was the first to do so.
  34. In July, variable frequency drives (VFD) were installed at pumping station 3 and 4, operations are now 24/7.
  35. The water system at Terraville Subdivision was inter-connected to the main system in early 2012.
  36. An amount of P30 million was appropriated by LWUA for the water supply project for Canetown Subdivision.
  37. A project presentation and public hearing for the supply project in Canetown Subdivision was conducted on March 18, 2014.

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